Thursday, August 30, 2007

Inside Out Series - What We Can Learn About Ourselve By Looking At Our Homes

As I mentioned in the earlier post we can learn a lot about what's happening within ourselves if we take a closer look at what's happening externally.

We're going to spend some time considering our home or environment in which we live.

Energetically our environments have a huge effect on whether we are really living up to our potential and can often times be part of a self-sabatoge cycle.

Clutter Queen VS. Neat Freak
This area is one that I really want to address. I feel that a lot can be learned by taking a look at which label by which you would define yourself.

Clutter Queen: The collector of clutter. You would fall into this category if you have things in your house that you don't know what to do with so you pile it on a table, shove in a closet, fill a drawer or leave it on the floor. You tend to be overwhelmed by the term "organize" and panic at the thought of creating systems to accomplish organization.

Clutter creates a huge blockage of creative energy which prevents one from moving forward and embracing their full power. This is especially true when a big fear is being tapped into. Most people will find that their clutter prevents them from doing something they know they can do. For example: If there is a fear of success then you might find clutter factoring into paying your bills late and creating financial difficulty, therefore preventing financial success.

So, a few questions to consider:

  • Where are you limiting yourself with your clutter?
  • What fears might be at play here?
  • What would happen if you were to eliminate your clutter?
  • What scares you about that?
  • How would you have to change your thinking in order to change your enviroment?
  • What would it take for you to let go of the clutter?

Neat Freak: You would fall into this category if you have a system of organization for everything in your house, you go through your mail immediately and have a place for all items in your home including your car keys. The one thing that generally will drive you nuts is if something is NOT in it's designated place.

While clutter can create a blockage of energy, a Neat Freak will often find it hard to release and let go. When a person is unable to release or let go they close themselves off to new opportunities. This person may be unable to fully experience the present because they are so focused on something that needs to be done or put away.

Questions to consider:

  • What opportunities would be available to you if you were to let go of your expectations of how things must be done?
  • What are you "missing" out on?
  • What would happen if you were to fully experience the present moment?
  • How would you have to change your thinking in order to do that?
  • What would it take for you to accomplish that?

Somewhere in Between: This category applies to you if you find you are one way or the other depending on the area/room in your house. You might be a Neat Freak about the kitchen, but a Clutter Queen in your bedroom.

Depending on the room you can gain valuable insight into different parts of yourself. For example if a person is a Clutter Queen in the bedroom there may be a fear of intimacy or a feeling of low self-worth.

If you find yourself in this section, start by determining which category applies to each room in your household. After you have examine the questions under each category and add the questions:
  • What does this room represent for me?
  • What does me being a Clutter Queen OR Neat Freak in this particular room tell me about myself?
I hope you have enjoyed this first article in the "Inside Out" series. Please share your discoveries and thoughts about yourself in relation to your home with me in the comments area. I look forward to the discussion!

Until next time...

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

From the Inside Out

We all know that sustainable changes happen on a core level. Meaning that in order to make lasting changes they need to come from the inside out. Sometimes determining what changes need to be made can be hard to figure out.

What's going on internally is often reflected externally. We can gain some valuable insight into what is going on with our thoughts, feelings, emotions and behaviors by taking a look at ourselves from the outside.

Over the course of the next couple of weeks I wil be examining five different areas and what they say about us from the inside out.

We will take a look at:

  • Our finances

  • Our homes

  • Our vehicles

  • Our physical appearance

  • Our self-care

Stayed tuned for the 1st post in the Inside Out Series!

Until next time...

Saturday, August 25, 2007

OK Sleepyhead

Have you ever had a moment where you are sleeping and you wake up with a thought or idea that pops into your head and then you go back to sleep. You then wake up to realize that you remember you've had a great idea, but cannot for the life of you remember what it is.

Well, this happened to me the other night.... I woke up early in the morning with a thought that was provoking and I wanted to write about it here on my blog. I remember thinking as I was semi-awake that I really should get up and write myself a quick note - that's how great the idea was. Of course I thought, "I'll remember" AND I didn't. Now it's been driving me nuts!

How many of you have had this happened and what do you do to hold onto the thought or idea?

I know that some of the best ideas come from our subconscious which often shows up in our dreams or semi-awake thoughts.... I'm curious as to what others have tried to hold onto these great ideas.


Until next time...

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Resistance ~ How Does It Show Up In Your Life?

I was forwarded an email today from a friend about resistance being an either/or attitude vs. a both/and attitude. I found this to be especially serendipitous since I was working with my coach around some resistance I've been feeling internally to a change that I feel needs to be made.

This article was from Dr. T's Timely Tips and I found it really thought provoking.

What really hit me was that when you find your attitude to be either/or - Either is has to be this way OR it has to be this way, you are creating resistance. This resistance creates a block that prevents you from truly being open to possibilities.... that truly great minds embrace a both/and attitude. Dr. T mentions an example of a person wanting a dessert that is both hot and cold, hence the hot fudge sundae was born.

This was a lightbulb moment for me. I have a delicate and challenging relationship with my mother, which most of us can relate to in some form or another, and I want to be more emotionally connected to her, but feel resistance due to previous hurts.

I'm working through this with my coach - I recognize that this block that I hold onto only holds me back from being the best me I can be. I get off of the phone and this article is in my inbox.

What I've realized is that my relationship with my mother has always been an EITHER/OR situation for me. Either I connect emotionally and open myself up to hurt OR I put the shield up and protect myself, at the same time losing out on a deeper relationship with my mother.

What I have just been opened up to is: What prevents me from both connecting emotionally, lowering the "shield" and being able to protect myself from being hurt a the same time?

Who says the only way to protect yourself from hurt is to emotionally block yourself off from a person? What I've realized is that although I have the wall up, I am not necessarily protected from being hurt - I still get hurt. I still feel the emotions and I lose the potential for a better relationship with my mother at the same time.

So, now the question is: How do I shift my mindset from either/or to both/and? Definitely food for thought!

How about you?

Where are you creating resistance with an either/or attitude that prevents you from living life to it's fullest?

How would your life be different if you were to shift your mindset to both/and?

I am really interested to hear your thoughts and comments around this new awareness - please share them with me!

Until next time...

P.S. - Email me if you would like a copy of this article.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

One Word Meme ~ Fun

One Word Meme
I've been tagged by 4FabMoms. A fun idea. Simply cut and paste these questions onto your blog, answer them and then find other blogs to tag! It's fun and easy and something a little different!You can only answer each question with ONE word.

1. Where is your cell phone? Bed
2. Relationship? Married
3. Your hair? Brown
4. Work? Home
5. Your sister? Two
6. Your favorite thing? Reading
7. Your dream last night? None
8. Your favorite drink? Iron Butterfly
9. Your dream car? Volvo
10. The room you’re in? Bedroom
11. Your shoes? None
12. Your fears? Ocean
13. What do you want to be in 10 years? Me
14. Who did you hang out with this weekend? Aunt
15. What are you not good at? Sewing
16. Muffin? Chocolate-Chip
17. One of your wish list items? California
18. Where you grew up? Minnesota
19. Last thing you did? Email
20. What are you wearing? Lounge
21. What aren’t you wearing? Socks
22. Your pet? Two
23. Your computer? Laptop
24. Your life? Great
25. Your mood? Sleepy
26. Missing? Coffee
27. What are you thinking about right now? Coffee
28. Your car? Intrepid
29. Your kitchen? Messy
30. Your summer? Fast
31. Your favorite color? Green
32. Last time you laughed? Yesterday
33. Last time you cried? Yesterday
34. School? Yes
35. Love? Life

I've tagged:
Melissa Hilmerson at The "Caddy" Shack
Jenn Givler at Create A Thriving Business
Shonna Strom at 2 Girls 2 Boys and 2 Pugs

Have Fun~ Until Next Time....

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

"Simple Strategies to Effectively Work From Home"

Thanks to Smart Moms ~ Smart Business for inviting me as one of their guest speakers!

“Simple Strategies to Effectively Work From Home”

Learn how to engage the right mindset to work from home effectively along with realistic time management strategies and lessons on setting boundaries.

(download the worksheet to help you take notes - a PDF file)

When Is The Last Time You Did Something For Fun?

Really think about that? We all lead busy lives and sometimes we forget to purposefully do something for fun. So, when is the last time you did something just for fun?

Here are some fun ideas:

  • Read a juicy novel
  • Have a popcorn and movie day
  • Spend the day at the beach
  • Have a bonfire
  • Designate pajama day
  • Go on a date
  • Host a "Girls Night Out"

Ok... I know there are a ton more ways to have fun - What do you do for fun? Post your comment and let's see what we can come up with!