Wednesday, August 1, 2007

When Is The Last Time You Did Something For Fun?

Really think about that? We all lead busy lives and sometimes we forget to purposefully do something for fun. So, when is the last time you did something just for fun?

Here are some fun ideas:

  • Read a juicy novel
  • Have a popcorn and movie day
  • Spend the day at the beach
  • Have a bonfire
  • Designate pajama day
  • Go on a date
  • Host a "Girls Night Out"

Ok... I know there are a ton more ways to have fun - What do you do for fun? Post your comment and let's see what we can come up with!


Taz said...

=) Great idea. For fun I have people over for dinner, go out, or even get into the Karaoke.

Though sometimes I think I go overboard with the whole 'having fun' thing.

Suzy Strempke said...

Oooh... Karaoke sounds like tons of fun! I also love having people over. Great ideas!