Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Our Inner Critic

"We are our own worst critics" I think many of us find that to be a true statement. Today was a perfect example of my critic popping up to work me over. I was invited to participate in a panel discussion for a "Marketing to Women" seminar that was held today. First thing that pops into my head when I was first approached about it was "Why would you want me to be one of your experts on marketing to women? What do I know about that?" Gotta love those inner critics :-)

I actually was thinking about it so much that I finally really had to ask.... response: "Suzy, you're perfect for this panel - your market has always been women." Umm - Oh, I knew that. So, by now I'm starting to catch the fact that I've allowed my inner critic to come out and play with me.

So, today is the day, - I wake up... things start off on the right foot and then, my morning takes a nose dive. I'm printing brochures, run out of yellow ink (my printer won't print anything unless all the ink cartridges have ink in them). Ok, not a big deal. I run into town, pick up ink - remembered I ran out of business cards (big no, no), so I pick up some printable ones (got to work with what you've got), head back home and start printing. I get half-way through and the black ink runs out. UGH! I do not have time now to make a second trip - so I have brochures, no business cards.

As I am driving to the seminar, my "fun" little critic starts right back at it. "What kind of business woman are you? Everyone knows you don't attend these types of events without business cards. Do you really think people are going to take you seriously?" (nevermind that I DO have brochures)

At this point, I'm getting sick of myself. Come on, Suzy, snap out of it! I now consciously shift my focus from what I don't have (i.e - business cards) to what opportunities have now opened up to me as a result of this. Here's a few of them that I came up with:

~ Everyone will relate to me - I'm human!

~ It's great I didn't bring the cards, with the brochure they will now know more about who I am.

~ I can use this opportunity to really connect with others and get their business cards.

And then I reminded myself to just have fun! You know what - I did! I released the morning and went the flow. Not only did I have tons of fun, meet great women (martini "date" next week), I felt really good about my contribution on the panel discussion and received great feedback as well.

Moral of the story: Tell the inner critic to "shut-up" :-)

Until next time....

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