Monday, July 30, 2007

A Purpose Can Be Found In Everything

The above is a foundation principle that was taught and embraced in the coaching course I just finished up this spring. I really connect with this because it connects with the concept of free will vs. the saying "Everything happens for a reason" which implies that no matter what choices you make the outcome will always be the same.

This principle came up for me the other day as my husband and I discussed some big changes that are coming up in our near future. He just accepted a new position with a company that he has wanted to work with for years. The funny thing is, he was on the verge of being offered a position with the exact same company, just in a different location, about two years ago and it fell through. About six months or so after that whole debacle (or so we thought at the time) the account fell through for that company and the man who ended up with the position had to relocate or was out of a job.

As we reflected over the events the past two years, we realized that the choices we made on our end led us to where we are right now. It's interesting if you take time and reflect over past events and choices, you will start to see a pattern that leads you to exactly where you are at this moment in time. What purpose can be found in your past choices, circumstances and the events in your life? How might you use that information to shift directions from this point forward?

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