Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Simple Successful Habits

I've been tagged! Rebekah author of The Day of a Mom tagged me as part of an ongoing meme , the theme being "Simple Things that Make You Successful."

I believe there are a few elements that contribute to true success.

1. Connection to the creative source.
I believe in that we as humans were created. I feel that in order to experience true success you need to be connected to or have a relationship with that creative source. (For me that creative source is God)

2. Relationship with yourself.
How many people actually spend time getting to know themselves? When we are thinking about getting married and partnering with someone for life, we date. Dating allows us to build a connection with that other person. We spend time getting to know who they are on a core level. What likes and dislikes they have. What kind of personality they have. Their beliefs. What they are passionate about. What their principles they embrace. What dreams and goals they hold for themselves and the future. What changes they want to make for themselves.

How many of us actually know those things about themselves? Don't you think it might be just as important to develop that level of relationship with yourself? How are you to know if you are successful if you don't even know who you are, what you want and how you define success in the first place?

3. Surrounding yourself with people who build you up.
What type of people are you surrounded with? What relationships make up your inner circle? Are they energy drainers - people who take, take, take and suck you dry? OR are they people who are generous and full of abundance. People who fill you up and allow you to reciprocate?

I believe these are the starting points for establishing a successful life pattern. How do you feel you are doing in each area? What areas need some changes? Feel free to contact me if you are serious about making changes to get you on the path to your own success. Click here for your complimentary coaching consultation.

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Rebekah said...

Great tips! Thanks Suzy.

Neil Patel said...

Here are a few things that I feel can make anyone successful:

1. Networking - you never want to be shy when it comes to meeting new people.
2. Helping others - Try to give even if there is no reward.
3. Honesty - a lot of people hate being direct... if you can be honest and upfront others will appreciate it.