Thursday, September 6, 2007

Inside Out Series ~ What Does Your Car Say About You?

In continuing our "Inside Out" Series we are going to move on our focus to our cars (or vehicle). While our attention for this part will be on our cars I want you to tuck away this information in relation to other possessions as well.

First, I am going to ask you: What does your car look like?

Now, I am not talking about what type of car you have, but what condition your car is in. Is it well taken care of? Regular maintenance: oil changes, tune ups, car washes? Is it clean? Vacuumed? Is it free of clutter?


Does it look like a dusty road ate it up? Your traveling closet? Your moving trash can? A car needs oil?

Our care of our possessions, such as our cars, can be reflective of our care for ourselves.

How so?

As mentioned at the very begining of this series, what is going on on the inside is manifested on the outside.

Think about the condition your car is in right now.
What might be some of the reasons for the condition it is in right now?
How is the care of your car similiar to care of yourself?
How is it different?
How might the care of your car/possessions add to you accomplishing your goals?
How might it subtract from you accomplishing your goals?

Again, I would love for you to add to this discussion - what's your thought?

Until next time...


Anonymous said...

This is great analogy, and a good metaphorical model. In looking back on the cars I've owned, there is an interesting pattern. I started out getting old beaters, and then cleaning them and being meticulous about maintenance. As the years went by, I kept getting used cars, but they've gotten more and more recent, and requiring less and less TLC. My '97 Red Ford Explorer is detailed clean, and fluid changed every 3000 mi. In thinking of this, I'm feeling a bit anal about it, but I don't feel like I'm an anal person--just practical. Mmmm... interesting. Anyway, thanks for the exercise!

Boyd Martin

Suzy Strempke said...

Hi Boyd,
I'm glad you've found the post interesting! I like to challenge people to dig a little deeper and do self-exploration. Everyone has there own answers, just the questions need to be asked! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

wildheart4vr said...

My car is an older car like an 86 Pontiac Grand AM. Cosmetically she needs some work. Under the hood though she is well maintained as I rely very heavily on her to get me to where I need to go. I do need to take some time this week and give the interior a good cleaning. This follows my work ethic and life ethic that if you take care of something and nurture it you will get more out of it and not need to always replace things. Replacing a car is expensive anyway so why not take the best care of it that you possibly can.