Monday, October 1, 2007

Inside Out Series ~ Physical Appearance

The common theme to this series has been "the outside is a reflection of what is going on inside." What does your physical appearance say about you?

Now when I talk about your physical appearance I am not talking about the aspects that you have little control over (i.e. the shape of your nose, how big your ears are etc.). I am talking about your personal grooming habits. Which can range from super sloppy to very chic.

How much of your personal appearance is reflective of your "true" self?

Your "true" self comes without judgment of something being good or bad - it just is. Judgements come from our perceptions based on our environment and experiences AND often contains other people's perceptions that are placed on us.

So, when you are being your "true" self, you just ARE.

Take a moment and consider your personal appearance:

What is your personal style?
What does your appearance say about you? Is it an accurate statement?
How much of your appearance is dictated by outside influence?
How much of your appearance is influenced by how others perceive you?

As we examine these thoughts, most of us will find that at least part of our physical appearance is dictated by fear. Fear of how others perceive us. Fear of being vulnerable. Fear of not fitting in.

Here's an example:

One day I saw a really cute hat and LOVED it. My original thought was "I can't buy that because I'm not a "hat" person. Everyone will think I am trying to be someone I am not." Ever had a thought like that run through your head?

And then, I caught myself. How can wearing a hat be considered "being someone I'm not" if I really want to wear a hat? If I'm attracted to the hat... then wouldn't that be something that is "me"? Hmmm... this is were I started to become very aware of how much other people's perceptions of me really factored into the decisions I made.

See, if something really isn't "you" then there would be no attraction to it. Who's to say I am not a "hat" person just because they are not part of my everyday style? I like hats... so I am a "hat" person.

This can factor into other areas in our lives as well.
Where might other people's perceptions of you be holding you back from embracing your "true" self?
What kind of impact is that having on your life?
What is the worst that can happen as a result of you being your authentic self?
What is the best?

Until next time...


Greg Provance said...

Wow. This hits home. I have had no trouble walking my own path, and expressing myself with fashion, etc., but find that I almost hid behind it for a long time. I was not always comfortable just being "normal"... and I realize noe that's OK too. Just being who I really am is easier and more interesting than not.
Thanks for the provocation...

Suzy Strempke said...

I totally agree with you in that being who you really are is way more interesting than being who you thinks others want you to be. Thanks a bunch for stopping by and sharing your insight!

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